Management reports


report123 comes with several standard reports that are based on the company’s own chart of accounts. But you can also create new reports that are tailored to a particular recipient or topic.

Customize your reports

The standard management report in report123 has a list of key figures and three charts. However, this is just a sample suggestion. You can easily include different charts by selecting an existing chart or creating a new one.

Create and edit charts

If you want to use different charts, you can create them directly in the management report or you can choose one or more charts form the drop-down menu. 

How to edit the content on the dashboard

To change any of the lines in the table or the paragraphs, you need to go to Dashboards » Settings to add or remove lines in the dashborad. You must have at least one group in the dashboard in order to show lines.

If you want to edit some of the key figures already shown in the report, you have to click on the name and make your changes in the window that appears. When you have saved it, you automatically go back to the report.

How to use dimensions on your dashboards

If you are using Dimensions, you can select the value on the dashboard. You'll find the drop-down list to the right of the orange button [Create chart].

You can also tie the content of each line on the dashboard to a dimension or a combination of dimensions.

By limiting a dashboard line to one or more specific dimensions, it becomes easy to set up comparisons or calculations.

For example, you can present your departments' respective turnovers in separate lines, while the costs appear as a sum for the entire company. You can also calculate a department's share in the turnover in the dashboard line and then use this to divide the costs between departments.

If a dashboard line is not tied to a dimension, the line's values automatically follow the selections you have made in the dimension selector at the top of the page.

How to create new dashbords

If you want to create a new dashboard, go to Dashboards » Settings and click [+ Create dashboard]. The new dashboard will immediately appear under the menu item Dashboards.

Use the Setup page to sort lines, groups and dashboards. Just drag and drop the icon with the arrow to the left of groups, lines and dashboards.

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