In every report you will find a view selector just above each table. Use the selector to choose what is shown in the table, both the period and the type of data you want to see.

There are two main types of views
: “Standard views” and “My views”.

How to select a view

You first select in the box on the left if you want to use a standard view or one of your own views. Next, you must enter in the box on the right which period you want to look at or which view you want to apply.

The Views menu is used when you need to design your own views and change the setup of standard views. You can insert and remove the checkmark to select exactly the columns you want in the table.

Standard Views

The standard views are templates already set up when you start using report123. You can edit them with just a few clicks.

The big advantage of the standard views is their dynamic handling of periods, which makes it quick and easy to jump back and forth in time.

My Views

My Views are the views you have created yourself as well as a few system-generated examples.

How to edit the views

To edit a View you simply add or remove check marks in the different boxes that are shown when you edit either a standard view or one of your own.

To familiarise yourself with "My Views" try creating a new View and go back and forth between the View and the Profit & Loss report whilst adding/removing check marks. This gives you a good sense of the relationship between the different check marks and the columns and data shown.

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