Configuration and system setup


To get started with report123 you need to go through a simple 4-step configuration. When you’re done, you are connected to e-conomic and ready to go.

You can always edit your settings later if you need to.



When you have received your welcome email with your report123 username and password you need to sign in and go through the 4 steps.

Step 1      

Enter a name, e.g. the year corresponding to your current accounting period. Choose the first month of your year as the starting month.

Step 2

Enter your e-conomic agreement number, your user ID and password. You only need to enter the client agreement number if you are the administrator of the account.

Step 3

Indicating the system accounts. Go through the 7 questions and report123 will automatically find the correct accounts in your chart of accounts. You can also select and save the accounts manually.

Step 4

Approving the chart of accounts from e-conomic. Select which groups and sums you want to see and click save. You can always come back and edit the setup. Now report123 is ready to use.


Sum Lines in the Profit & Loss Report

When you have configured report123 you will see a number of sum lines or subtotals (marked in a background colour) in the Profit & Loss Report. Usually the sum lines will contain the “Contribution margin”, “Profit before tax” and “Profit”, but it all depends on your chart of accounts in e-conomic.

If you go to Global settings » Chart of accounts you can select the sum lines you want to see in your Profit & Loss Report.

In the “Level of detail” column choose “Select” for the lines you don’t want to include and “Sum line in Profit & Loss” for those you do want to include the sums for. If you want to include all accounts in the group as one line in the Profit & Loss report, the level of details should be set to “Specification”.

Independent Accounts

Any accounts in the chart of accounts that are not part of a group (i.e. with a headline and a sum account) are percieved as “independent accounts” in report123. You cannot see the values in these accounts. They are included in all the sums and are correctly transferred, but you can’t view them specifically.

If you have any “independent accounts” with a value, report123 will show a notification at the top of your Profit & Loss Report.

To solve this issue you need to go to e-conomic and create a headline and a sum account inclosing the relevant accounts. Go back to report123 and update your accounting data. In Account ledger (under Global settings), you select "Specification" for the new group in the “Level of detail” column. Save and go to your Profit & Loss report to see the issue solved.

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