Updating the accounting data


Make sure you are using the latest data by checking the date at the top right corner of report123. The date indicates when report123 last extracted the postings, chart of accounts and departments from e-conomic.

Click on the date in the top right corner. Then you will be able to see the five latest updates and the button [Update accounting data].

The proces of updating accounting data

When report123 extracts data from e-conomic, the program first checks the chart of accounts to see if new accounts have been created or names have been changed. report123 then performs any updates. If accounts have been deleted or moved you will see a text and a link to a page where you can decide what to do with the relevant accounts in report123.

In the next step report123 checks the departments (if you’re using this module in e-conomic). Any changes from e-conomic are automatically transferred to report123, when you click [Update accounting data].

The final step is when any postings and transfers are extracted. report123 is now fully updated with the latest data and you can get the financial overview you need.

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